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TWR 007: What Pilates Can Do for Your Health with Lesley Logan

Pilates is a fitness modality that creates not only muscle strength and muscle endurance, but also helps you with flexibility. Pilates is also a good strength based workout that develops your core, low back, and all the abdominal muscles. It puts your whole body in balance, assisting you in other workouts, like strength training and yoga.

Pilates is also known for working the whole body: there’s no muscle that goes unnoticed when you do it.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber welcomes Leslie Logan to talk about all things related to Pilates and its benefits. Leslie, who is a Mindset Coach & Certified Pilates Teacher with her own method called OPC, explains the many advantages of Pilates, how it impacts fat loss by upping the metabolism and burning calories, and how people can incorporate Pilates and weight training into the same routine.

Wellness Quote

  • “It’s ok to have aspirations of weight loss, but it is not ok for us to think that we are not good enough until we have done that.” – Lesley Logan 

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