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TWR 010: 3 Easy Tips to Incorporate Meditation into Your Routine

Meditation is a great practice that helps, not only our mental state, but our physical wellness too. It is a well circulated habit, which has become really popular through social media, and the best thing is that everyone can do it! Despite being super simple, the act of meditating can have the opposite effect: causing people to feel anxiety and frustration because they think that they’re not doing it right.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber breaks down what meditation is all about and how you can incorporate it in your routine. She highlights all the benefits that this practice is responsible for, how it helps you connect with yourself, calm your thoughts, and reduce your cortisol levels. Not only that, meditation also gives our brain a rest from the daily activities, making room for feelings like gratitude and serenity.

Wellness Quote

  • “A lot of times what we think about meditation – and what I thought about meditation for so long – is really not what it is. It can actually be a simpler approach, but a really powerful approach.” – Amber Shaw 

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