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TWR 011: Nutrition Benefits of the Glow Protocol with Susie Garden

In today’s episode of The Wellness Revolution podcast, Amber welcomes Susie Garden to talk about the Glow Protocol, Susie’s work methodology; which uses numerous health modalities to help women feel their best and understand their nutrition. Amber and Susie provide practical tips on how you can improve your overall nutrition and the importance of paying attention to how you eat and not only what you eat.

Susie talks about her background as a nurse and what it was like for her to change careers, leaving her old job behind to focus on what inspired her. In addition, she shares what her morning routine looks like, practical tips to create healthier eating habits every day, and realistic hacks that will upgrade your meal time. Tune in!

Wellness Quote

  • “The basis of that [health issues and conditions] is inflammation and modern lifestyles promote inflammation in the body.” – Susie Garden 

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