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TWR 150: Hormonal Balance for Sustainable Weight Loss (Part 4 of 4)

You probably already know that stress has negative effects on our health and well-being, but what so many women don’t take into consideration is the various kinds of stress that all have an impact on increasing our stress hormones. Emotional stress, physical stress, and environmental stress all play a role in raising our cortisol levels, which can in turn make sustainable weight loss more challenging to achieve. 

If you have been tuning in the past few weeks, you know Amber has been in the middle of 2 different series. The first was on necessary shifts for sustainable weight loss, which included Amber’s signature and proven method the Hormonal Fat Loss Blueprint. In this second series, Amber dives deeper into this method and its 4 crucial pieces. We’re closing out this series with this final episode covering the necessary component of stress mitigation. 

Managing stress is imperative for achieving and maintaining weight loss, and while a lot of us know there are things we can do to lower emotional stress, we also need to pay attention to our physical and environmental stressors. Whether we are talking about emotional stress, physical, or environmental, our bodies react the same way, and that is by releasing cortisol. That doesn’t mean cortisol is bad because it has a very important role in keeping us safe from danger, but we were not meant to be in a chronic state of stress, which for so many women, has become the norm. Some ways women may be adding more stress without realizing it is overexercising, undereating, or from the things in their environment. The goal of this episode is to bring awareness to the stressors in our everyday lives and learn to mitigate them as best as we can, which will in turn help to achieve sustainable weight loss for good. 

Key Highlights

  • Why stress matters for fat loss
  • How stress affects cortisol levels
  • Ways to manage emotional stress
  • Ways you may be adding physical stress without realizing it
  • Factors that contribute to environmental stress 

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