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TWR 231: Uncovering Health & Fitness LIES: Macro Counting, Discipline, Weightlifting, & More with Nikkiey Stott

What lies are we being told about health and fitness? Should we be counting our macros? How much protein should we really be eating? Tune in to get the answers! In this episode of the Wellness Revolution Podcast, I sit down with Nikkiey Stott, BSN, a Certified Personal Trainer, host of The Macro Hour, and Founder of WarriorBabe. Nikkiey and I are diving deep into the pros and cons of macro counting while uncovering some of the biggest lies in the health and fitness world.

We also discuss WarriorBabe’s strategic approach to coaching women, which aims to find a clear, sustainable path to building and maintaining your dream body composition.

Plus, Nikkiey shares a bit about her own journey, going from sugar-addicted former athlete to competitive bodybuilder to personal trainer. “I have way more of a realistic, sustainable approach to the way I live now and I’m way happier with my food and my lifestyle of working out,” Nikkiey says.

WarriorBabe has helped 15,000 women change their lives and they’re on a mission to help 100,000 women regain their personal power and feel confident in their skin. If that sounds like something you need in your life, tune in to get started!

Key Highlights:

  • Nikkiey’s total transformation: From sugar addict to competitive bodybuilder and CPT.
  • The key to gaining momentum and staying consistent with new habits.
  • 3 steps that set you up for a successful health transformation.
  • How Nikkiey changed her approach to fitness/nutrition to achieve healthy, lasting results.
  • The biggest health and fitness lies you’ve been told.
  • What is macro counting and how is it beneficial?
    • How to use macro counting in a healthy way (without it being a diet).
    • How accurate are online macronutrient counters/calculators?
    • Ideal macro ratios for women (20s-40s, postpartum mothers, menopausal women).
    • What to look for in a macro coach.
  • How WarriorBabe came to be + Their approach to transforming women’s health.
  • Nikkiey’s current training routine.

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