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TWR 277: Hormonal Acne Solutions & Skincare Best Practices for Women Over 40 with Expert Danielle Gronich

Let’s be honest. Acne sucks and discovering skincare solutions that work for your unique skin can be an emotional trial and error process. Luckily, I know some women who are creating science-based clear skin solutions for people of all ages.

Today on The Wellness Revolution, I’m joined by Danielle Gronich, Co-Founder, CEO, and Formulation Expert at CLEARSTEM Skincare, the only toxin-free skincare line that targets both acne and aging at the same time.

Danielle became known as The Acne Guru™ when she founded The San Diego Acne Clinic in 2013. After dealing with acne for ten years and undergoing three failed rounds of Accutane, she took her skin health into her own hands, diving into the clinical research as a Licensed Clinical Esthetician. Since then, she’s achieved a 98% success rate in clearing patients’ hormonal and cystic acne.

 “Think of [skincare] like exercise and nutrition. In order to look great, you’ve got to figure out both… Exercise is your exfoliation and nutrition is your actives, like bakuchiol and peptides, plant stem cells, vitamin C, and things like that.” – Danielle Gronich

Ready to discover solutions that work for your unique skin? Tune in for Danielle’s tips, tricks, and expert advice!

Key Highlights:

  • The acne healing protocol at The San Diego Acne Clinic.
  • Common dietary triggers of acne.
  • Strategic supplements that can heal acne at the root cause.
  • Skincare best practices for people over 40.
  • Top anti-aging tips you can implement today.
  • What to do if your teenager is getting hormonal acne: How to address it and find solutions.
  • Why TikTok is damaging young girls’ skin & What to do about it.
  • What to do if you get adult acne.
  • Exciting new CLEARSTEM products for hormonal acne.

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