The A-Z Guide for Carbs for Weight Loss

June 22, 2022

Let's talk about the age old questions:

Should we eat carbs? Are carbs bad?

My answer? Yes, you should eat carbs! No, they are not BAD. BUT (and this is a big but), not all carbs are created equal.

If you're new around here there's something important you should know about how I coach. I'm not a 'calories in/calories out' kind of coach. I really think it's an archaic way of thinking, especially for women over 40. We have to stop looking at food that way.

As women near and over 40, we have probably seen people have some pretty scary health stuff, and maybe we have too. That's why paying more attention to the QUALITY of the food is important too.

For me, it was when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He woke up one day with a big tumor sticking out of his neck. We lost him two years later.

It was because of that experience that I started my journey into understanding how food affects us, and how it can heal us.

But back to CARBS...

There's no such thing as BAD carbs but for weight loss and better blood sugar control - you want to stay away from highly refined, highly processed kind. Like white bread and white rice, pasta, etc.

Generally speaking, these carbs are stripped of all their nutrients when they're being processed leaving very little benefit for you.

Carbs that are NOT highly processed and refined are lower on the glycemic index and will have less impact on your blood sugar.

Why is that important? Because when we eat any carbs it's going to elevate your blood sugar. Once your blood sugar is up it signals your body to release insulin. Insulins role is to tell your body what to do with the sugar in your blood. It's going to tell the cells to open up and use it for immediate energy OR it's going to tell your body to store it.

So, the problem with eating highly processed foods (and carbs) is that they have more sugar in them and can spike your blood sugar.  Eventually your body can't keep up and you start storing the excess as fat.

This is why insulin get's the nickname 'the fat storage hormone'

As we age, our estrogen and progesterone is already dropping which can affect insulin sensitivity so it can make the issues worse.

So, if you haven't fallen asleep yet with all the geeky science talk, the point is. Quality of food matters.

Your body can use higher quality carbs better for energy and less for stored fat.

All of this is a great example of why just 'eating less'  doesn't work. You have to LEARN YOUR BODY and how hormones play a role. How food affects your hormones.

This is super high level and I go much deeper into this in my podcast and in my programs, but I want you to know, mamma, the first step to weight loss is understanding your body- because every body is different.

If you want to talk more, shoot me an email or send me a message on social media.

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