Start Taking Radical Ownership of Your Life Now

Aug 5, 2022

Let me start by saying that the conversation I want to have with you today may be triggering.

And I don't mean that because I'm going to touch on any trauma and you should look away, I mean that it may make you uncomfortable. And that's okay.

I've learned over the years that if something starts to trigger me, I need to lean into it and really listen. It could be very easy to ignore these things and come up with excuses and move on but that's not where growth happens.

So many women I talk to don't prioritize themselves. In fact, they're not even in the top 10 on list of priorities. They aren't prioritizing their health. Not prioritizing their nutrition. Not prioritizing their mental health. It's time to take radical ownership of your life.

And there's a whole culture of burnt out women.

I was there. When I had young kids and was home while my (now ex) husband traveled a ton, I was carrying the burden of ALL OF IT. And I refused to ask for help.

Does that sound familiar?

The truth is, it was the reality I created for myself. And this is where I don't want to lose you because I know everyone's circumstances are different. I don't know your life or if you work two jobs, if you're helping an ailing parent or you're trying to beat the men up the corporate ladder.

All I know is there are 24 hours in every single day and if you're not using SOME of that time for YOURSELF then you are not giving your all to everyone else either. Because you cannot fill from an empty cup.

You may be holding it together now, BUT look at the bigger picture.

If you're not prioritizing your health right now, imagine where it will be in 10 years. Or what about 20?

The ironic part of all of this is, as women, we often encourage everyone around us to do these things. You tell your kids to eat good, you help your partner feel better and encourage them to take time for themselves. We give to everyone around us at the cost of ourselves.

It's time to STOP. Stop blaming your kids events, and your partners schedule. Stop finding excuses to move yourself further down your list. The hard truth is that it's up to you. START TAKING RADICAL OWNERSHIP OF YOUR LIFE.

When I really started to dig deep into my life, I realized that I was trying so hard to do everything myself because it was how I got validation. "Oh she's a super mom!" "Amber does it all!"

When in reality I was focusing on the wrong things. My husband didn't care that all the laundry was folded, he needed other validation from me that I missed. My kids didn't care that I was playing the perfect mom, they needed me to be a happier, healthier mom.

I can't solve this problem for you in one post, mamma. I know that. But I do want you to start thinking about WHY you push yourself so hard without giving anything back to yourself.

And then I want you to think of ONE thing you can do FOR YOURSELF today. It doesn't have to be a big thing. Maybe it's just turning off all notifications for 30 minutes and just listening to your favorite music and taking a minute to breathe. Maybe it's a quick workout to get your heart rate up. Maybe it's a drive to get your favorite drink at Starbucks for you and no one else.

Start claiming a piece of those 24 hours for yourself. Prioritize yourself. You not only DESERVE it but you NEED it to keep going.


I dive much deeper into this in my Wellness Revolution podcast so be sure to tune in!

Start Taking Radical Ownership of Your Life Now

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