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Hi, I’m Amber Shaw, board certified health and wellness coach, personal trainer, women’s transformation coach and host of The Wellness Revolution Podcast!  I empower working moms to step into their highest self to uplevel their health, wealth and relationships.   As a mom of two who radically transformed her life at the age of 40, my mission is to help women like you transform your mind and body so you can show up as the confident, empowered woman you were born to be.

Together, we’ll talk nutrition, fitness, mindset, relationships, personal growth, lifestyle, and basically all things life after 35 (even the awkward stuff!) So, whether you’re looking to optimize your health & wellness, find a bit of inspiration, or just need a good chat about hormones or how to stay balanced in the chaos of being a working mom, you’re in the right place. 

In this podcast, you’ll get solutions that actually work, straight-to-the-point advice, lots of compassion and support from a coach who actually gives a damn. You ready?

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TWR 216: Break Free From Emotional Eating with Jessica Procini

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TWR 215: Biomarkers for Longevity: A Deep Dive Into Precision Medicine with Dr. Florence Comite

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TWR 214: Untangling Inner Conflict Through Parts Therapy

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TWR 213: The KAATSU Method: How to Build Muscle Easier and Recover Faster with Steven Muñatones

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TWR 212: A Guide to Slaying the Narcissist with Rebecca Zung

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TWR 211: Fats That Heal with Udo Erasmus

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TWR 210: Ozempic Uncovered: The Fine Print of Weight Loss Drugs

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TWR 209: The Healing Power of Your Intuition with Eboni Banks

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TWR 208: Essential Skincare Tips with CLEARSTEM Co-Founder Kayleigh Christina

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TWR 207: Fitness and Nutrition for Menopause with Barb Hawken

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TWR 206: Living Through Love with Ruben Rojas

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TWR 205: Body Acceptance and Its Role in Nervous System Health with María-Victoria Albina

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TWR 204: Leverage Your Time to Avoid Burnout with Clara Capano

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TWR 203: How to Combat Chronic Fatigue with Frank Davis

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TWR 202: Navigating Financial Infidelity and Divorce with Tracy Coenen

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TWR 201: The Dance of Work-Life Balance and Self-Prioritization with Naketa Ren Thigpen

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TWR 200: Transform Your Money Mindset with Hanna Bier

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TWR 199: Decoding the Connection between Diet and Inflammation with Amy Wilson

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TWR 198: Ignite Your Journey Towards Self-Love and Confidence

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TWR 197: Beyond Collagen: Uncovering the Science of Functional Skincare with Amitay Eshel

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TWR 196: Uncover Your Blindspots to Create a Life You’re Obsessed With

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TWR 195: Breaking The Stigma of Herpes and Embracing Uncertainty with Alexandra Harbushka

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TWR 194: Leaping into the Unknown: Navigating Life Transitions

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TWR 193: Rethinking Your Relationship with Alcohol with Behavioral Change Specialist Maggie Jenson

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TWR 192: Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

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TWR 191: Self-Image & Self-Love: Developing Your Personal Brand with Keri Blair

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TWR 190: Transforming Wellness Goals into a Way of Life

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TWR 189: From Surviving to Thriving with Kaylor Betts

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TWR 188: Emotional Eating and How to Overcome It

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TWR 187: Understanding and Exploring Spiritual Nutrition with Whitney Aronoff