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Hi, I’m Amber Shaw, board certified health and wellness coach, personal trainer, women’s transformation coach and host of The Wellness Revolution Podcast!  I empower working moms to step into their highest self to uplevel their health, wealth and relationships.   As a mom of two who radically transformed her life at the age of 40, my mission is to help women like you transform your mind and body so you can show up as the confident, empowered woman you were born to be.

Together, we’ll talk nutrition, fitness, mindset, relationships, personal growth, lifestyle, and basically all things life after 35 (even the awkward stuff!) So, whether you’re looking to optimize your health & wellness, find a bit of inspiration, or just need a good chat about hormones or how to stay balanced in the chaos of being a working mom, you’re in the right place. 

In this podcast, you’ll get solutions that actually work, straight-to-the-point advice, lots of compassion and support from a coach who actually gives a damn. You ready?


TWR 023: A Complete Guide to Gut Health with Dr. Firlande


TWR 022: How Your Old Beliefs Affect Your Current Sex Life with Dr. Celeste Holbrook

TWR 021: How to Overcome a Case of the “EFF-ITS”


TWR 020: On Meditation and Stress Management with Sarah McDevitt


TWR 019: Weight Loss Through Behavioral Change with Katherine Mann

TWR 018: Replace Guilt with Mindfulness with These 3 Easy Tips

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TWR 017: Attracting Your Authentic Power with Lena Franklin

TWR 016: 5 Best Practices for Fitness Over 40


TWR 015: How to Live the Present Moment Intentionally with Tori Gordon


TWR 014: Navigating Co-parenting After Divorce


TWR 013: Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset with Kasey Orvidas


TWR 012: 3 Steps to Finding Food Freedom


TWR 011: Nutrition Benefits of the Glow Protocol with Susie Garden


TWR 010: 3 Easy Tips to Incorporate Meditation into Your Routine


TWR 009: Finding Your “Why” in Health & Fitness with Jessica Gunn


TWR 008: 5 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat


TWR 007: What Pilates Can Do for Your Health with Lesley Logan


TWR 006: 3 Steps to Getting Off the Crazy Train of Dieting


TWR 005: Moderation, Mindfulness & Stepping Out the Food Obsession with Jill Coleman


TWR 004: On Relationships and Facing Divorce


TWR 003: From Exercise Obsession to Yoga True Passion


TWR 002: The Power of Food: My Nutrition Journey


TWR 001: When Drive Exceeds Insecurity


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